Promoting foundation reading skills with at-risk students 
Sucena, A., Silva, A.F., & Marques, C. (2021)

This paper presents an early intervention program in reading, PPCL (Program for the Promotion of Reading Skills). PPCL focuses on promoting basic reading skills-knowledge of letter-sound relationships, phonemic awareness, decoding, and spelling with first-grade students.

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Validity Evidence of the Reading Screening Test for Portuguese First Graders
Silva, A.F., Marques, C., & Sucena, A. (2020)

TRL is a screening test meant to assess reading acquisition difficulties, with reference values for children about to conclude the first grade. The TRL result enables to identify children who should be subject to further assessment based on their percentile-for-age.

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Reading as an instrument for social inclusion. Development of an evaluation tool for the first grade
Ana Filipa Castro e Silva (2019)

In Portugal, over 10% of students finish second grade with fragile reading skills. Children from a lower socioeconomic background have an added risk of having difficulties in reading. To counter this trend, it becomes necessary to intervene and to make an early identification of difficulties in the acquisition of reading skills. This is the scope of this work. We propose the creation of a test - TRL - Reading Screening Test - to quickly and precociously indicate who are the students who have fragile reading skills at the end of the first grade. This test is composed of 30 incomplete sentences, each one followed by four alternatives - two words and two pseudowords - among which only one is correct.

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