Child friendly app for spelling training
Sucena, A., Silva, A.F., Garrido, C., Marques, C., Santos, R., Carneiro, J.F., Abreu, P., & Restivo, T. (2020)

Spelling skills are usually more difficult to acquire than reading skills. Nonetheless research based intervention proposals are scarce for spelling skills. In this study the impact of a child friendly spelling app on spelling skills is assessed. Results indicate an increase on spelling skills after training with the app.

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“I read”: reading and writing skills promotion software
Sucena, A., Marques, C., Silva, A.F., Ramalho, A., Machado, A.R., Santos, A.R., Santos, C., Garrido, C., Freitas, H., Santos, I., Rangel, I., & Mata, M.J. (2019)

Persisting difficulties in reading and writing acquisition are a risk factor for motivation in school and for children’s overall school learning. Therefore, playful tools have been developed to address these difficulties. The Eu Leio (I Read) is a software that seeks to develop and to exercise reading and writing skills in a fun, complementary manner, through systematic training and various games.

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