Is redshirting beneficial for reading acquisition success?
Sucena, A., Marques, C., Silva, A. F., Garrido, C., & Pimenta, R. (2020)

The controversy regarding the best option to take with regard to children born after September 16   is far from resolved. A study made by CiiL members has revealed the first data concerning the Portuguese population.

Results have revealed there is no difference when it comes to age, supporting the idea that an older age is not an advantage in the acquisition of pre-reading skills.

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Early predictors of (lack of) success in reading skills acquisition in first-graders
Idalina Cristina Coelho Garrido (2020)

Paths that indicate school failure must be identified as early as possible. The present study has attempted to explore early predictors of (lack of) success in reading skills acquisition for native Portuguese speaking children attending the first grade. Writing the letters of the alphabet has been identified as a significant predictor of (lack of) success in reading skills acquisition.

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